Just in case you haven’t heard the news:

We’re still a bit dazed after the thrilling events of yesterday which many of you will have read about in The Guardian or seen and heard in the news. Having handed the keys back to the landlord on Tuesday – with the horrifying prospect that our dream of saving Ron’s Place was over – Wednesday morning began with a fairytale-style email from someone called Tamsin Wimhurst who said she wanted to lend us the money to buy the building at auction. Following a flurry of phone calls, emails and online bidding, by 12,40 we (Wirral Arts and Culture Community Land Trust / WACCLT) found ourselves in possession of the entire building including Ron’s ground floor flat and the three flats upstairs!

Our wonderful saviours, the Muller Wimhurst Trust, are also responsible for saving the David Parr House, a small domestic museum and visitor centre in Cambridge in the home of a former Arts and Craft worker. We couldn’t have wished for a better suited benefactor!

The main thing is that Ron’s Place is now safe and a wonderful future awaits. We’re all feeling elated but exhausted after living on adrenaline for so long so this is just a quick note to say a massive great big thank you for your amazing support. 

We’re at the beginning of a thrilling new chapter and there’s lots of work ahead, but we’re now in a far stronger position to seek funding to conserve Ron’s Place, refurbish the flats above and put together a fantastic public engagement programme. In other words, we still need need donations, publicity and expertise!

Thanks again for your support. More news soon, but in the meantime, keep up to date with developments by following Saving Ron’s Place and WACCLT on social media.

on behalf of the Ron’s Place team and Wirral Arts and Culture Community Land Trust

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