Harnessing the power of Ron’s Place.

Ron Gittins was a complex and colourful character, known to many in his neighbourhood of Birkenhead. After Ron died in late 2019, aged 79, his family went to clear his rented flat. When they stepped across the threshold, they were astonished to discover Ron had transformed his home into his very own, highly ornate, classical ‘villa’, covering almost every surface with murals and sculptures. 

Ron’s Place is a unique resource. The opportunity to save it and create a stimulating, positive legacy for the Wirral and the wider community is an opportunity not to be missed. We will use Ron’s Place and Ron’s story to inspire and empower.

There is also a Patreon where you can help to support Ron’s Place directly. You can learn about this and much more on Ron’s Place website:

Ron was an avid letter writer and much of his correspondence – frequently involving disputes – began or ended with the words Without Prejudice, which is a legal term enabling negotiations to take place without admitting liability. These words resonate with us in a wider sense because we support the idea of a more tolerant world, without prejudice, where equality, diversity and unconventional modes of expression are celebrated.